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about the photographers
hello everyone, and welcome to to wherearethevisuals! our names are madelyn (@lilmadxo_) and mia (@aka.miaraee_) and we enjoy taking photos everywhere we go. whether it's in the desert, or on a sandy beach, we'll be there snapping away. you might be wondering, "where did you get the name from?" simple answer. many of you know who billie eilish is, and her last instagram username was @wherearetheavocados. why did she have to change it?! ;-;-; we decided to base off our name from billie's instagram username because we're always trying to find the "visuals" everywhere we go. we started wherearethevisuals (@wherearethevisuals.jpg on instagram) because we simply just enjoy taking pictures and photo editing. we opened up a VSCO account back in november, and we've been using it ever since, and that's what we use to edit our pictures. we hope you learned some things about us and how it began. make sure you definitely look at our photo collection because you sure won't regret it. ツ